From Nothing to Everything: Progression on Minecraft Sky Factory 4 Servers

16th Apr, 2022

Sky Factory

Minecraft Sky Factory 4 is a popular modpack that offers a unique and challenging gameplay experience. In this modpack, players find themselves on a void world with limited resources and must utilize various mods and automation techniques to progress and thrive. From starting with nothing to building an empire, Sky Factory 4 servers provide an exciting journey of progression. In this article, we will explore the progression system in Minecraft Sky Factory 4 servers and how players can go from having almost nothing to achieving incredible feats.

Starting from Scratch in Sky Factory 4

When you first spawn in a Sky Factory 4 world, you are greeted with an empty void and a single tree on a dirt platform. From this humble beginning, your goal is to expand and utilize the available resources to build a thriving base and progress through the modpack's various stages.

  1. Basic Resource Gathering:

    The initial stages involve basic resource gathering. Use the tree to acquire wood, make tools, and gather more saplings for future tree growth. Expand your platform, gather cobblestone, and start creating more advanced tools and equipment.

  2. Creating a Cobblestone Generator:

    Cobblestone is a crucial resource in Sky Factory 4. Construct a cobblestone generator using lava and water to produce an infinite supply of cobblestone. This generator will become the foundation for many essential resources and automation processes.

  3. Expanding Your Resources:

    Use the cobblestone generator to gather additional materials and expand your resource pool. Create a mob farm to collect valuable drops, such as bones, string, and gunpowder. These resources will be crucial for further progression.

  4. Automating Processes:

    Automation is a key aspect of Sky Factory 4. Utilize mods like Applied Energistics 2, Thermal Expansion, and Integrated Dynamics to automate tasks such as ore processing, item storage, and power generation. Automation allows for efficient resource gathering and frees up time for more advanced tasks.

Progression through the Modpack Stages

Sky Factory 4 is divided into several stages, each introducing new challenges and mods to explore. Progressing through these stages unlocks new possibilities and expands your capabilities.

  1. Early Game:

    In the early game, focus on automating basic processes and unlocking essential mods. Obtain resources like iron, redstone, and diamonds through automation and exploration. Build a smeltery for ore doubling and begin utilizing mods like Tinkers' Construct and Simple Storage Network.

  2. Mid Game:

    In the mid-game stage, explore mods like Ender IO, Industrial Foregoing, and Refined Storage. Create efficient power generation systems, automate farming with machines, and expand your storage capabilities. Begin working towards advanced machinery and energy storage.

  3. Late Game:

    The late game stage introduces even more advanced mods, such as Draconic Evolution and Applied Energistics 2. Work towards creating Draconic armor and weapons, delve into mystical dimensions, and unlock powerful technologies. Aim to automate as many processes as possible and create self-sustaining systems.

Achieving Incredible Feats

As you progress through Sky Factory 4, you will have the opportunity to achieve incredible feats and conquer challenges.

  1. Automated Resource Production:

    With advanced automation and resource generation, create self-sustaining systems that produce an abundance of resources. From automated farms to fully automated factories, these systems will ensure a continuous supply of materials.

  2. Advanced Machinery and Power Generation:

    Unlock and utilize advanced machinery and power generation methods. Build massive energy storage systems, create intricate automation setups, and harness the power of renewable energy sources like solar panels and wind turbines.

  3. Exploring Mystical Dimensions:

    Sky Factory 4 introduces mystical dimensions like the Twilight Forest and the Beneath. These dimensions offer unique resources, powerful bosses, and exciting exploration opportunities. Venture into these dimensions and conquer the challenges they present.

  4. Creative Base Design:

    With an abundance of resources and advanced capabilities, let your creativity shine by designing impressive bases and structures. Utilize mods like Chisels & Bits and Architect's Palette to create intricate and detailed builds that showcase your progress and achievements.

Minecraft Sky Factory 4 servers provide an engaging progression system that takes players from starting with nothing to achieving incredible feats. Through resource gathering, automation, and the utilization of various mods, players can expand their capabilities and conquer challenges in the modpack's different stages. Whether it's automating resource production, exploring mystical dimensions, or creating awe-inspiring structures, Sky Factory 4 offers a rewarding journey of progression and achievement. So, dive into the void, harness the power of mods, and transform your humble beginnings into a thriving empire in Sky Factory 4.

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