How to avoid dying early in Minecraft

Tue Jan 10. 2023

How to avoid dying early in Minecraft

At first glance, Minecraft may seem like a peaceful and relaxing adventure game. Players are quickly faced with numerous threats when they spawn in the vast Minecraft seeds. If not addressed quickly, these threats could lead to death or loss of all your items.

It is difficult to avoid death in Minecraft, especially when it comes to more difficult difficulties. The first few days of Minecraft can prove to be very daunting for new players. There are many mobs and external factors that try to kill them. However, it is possible to avoid losing all your progress and dying early in the game.

How to Avoid Early Deaths in Minecraft


Creepers are one the most dangerous mobs within Minecraft. Creepers can be stopped from spawning by players lighting the area around their bases with torches.

A shield will protect you from a Creeper blast. It will absorb half the damage and deal only half the amount. A sword can be used to attack the Creeper and prevent it from exploding.

4) Digging down

Many video games use certain techniques that are considered foolish or almost illegal by the community. Minecraft's version is to dig straight down, which means that the player doesn't know what blocks are below them. However, there are some ways to protect the player during this adventure.

Digging down and mining alternate blocks will enable the player to see below and determine their next steps. If players end up digging into a cave, they can use blocks or a bucket to break falls.

3) Iron Golem

One of the most powerful mobs in Minecraft is the Iron Golem. Although it is generally friendly, the Iron Golem can be a dangerous enemy if it is hit or damaged by players.

It is best to run to a nearby home and seek shelter. Because they are larger than the 1×1 area in which the doorway is located, golems can't hit players behind doors.

You can also survive an encounter with iron golems by building at least three blocks high and digging three blocks below the surface.

2) Endermen

Endermen are three-block tall, neutral mobs that stand three blocks tall and closely resemble the Slender Man from popular folklore. There are several ways to survive an Enderman encounter in the early stages of the game.

Water can cause injury to endermen. The player will temporarily be safe if they place water or stand in it during encounters. A carved pumpkin can be worn by the player to make Endermen less hostile towards the player. However, it will severely limit the player's view.

Additionally, players will be protected from Endermen by standing three blocks tall.

1) Fall damage

The most frustrating thing for Minecraft players is falling damage and being chased by hostile mobs. These items will help you avoid this fate.

Hay bales can be used to reduce the fall damage in Minecraft. These hay bales can be made easily or obtained from villagers. A hay bale will make most of the fall damage invalid. Similar methods can be used for a water bucket, beds and slime blocks as well as cobwebs, powdered snow, and slime blocks.

They can do two things with the ebug stick: Left-clicking to change the state of a block, if it has multiple state, and right-clicking to cycle through block state values.

Players can, for example, use a debugstick to turn a fence post eastward, even though it is in the open. Then, right-click the stick to change its face.

This can be helpful in particular when using things such as dispensers, observers, or other difficult-to-position blocks. Minecraft players don't have to click or crouch on the block's surface multiple times to make sure it is correctly placed. Instead, they can place it and reposition it with their handy debug sticks.