Interesting Lifesteal Minecraft servers

Fri Dec 30. 2022

Interesting Lifesteal Minecraft servers

Lifesteal Minecraft servers are becoming more popular in recent years. The viral videos that showcase the game mode on platforms like YouTube and TikTok are the main reason for this popularity.

Lifesteal servers allow players to permanently claim their health by killing other players. Killing another player will result in the killer receiving one heart per victim. The victim now has nine hearts permanently, while the killer now has 11.

If you are looking for the best public Lifesteal server, this list highlights three.

Note: This article is subjective. It is based solely on the opinions of the author. These servers were compiled from server lists and other public areas on the internet.

There are three best Lifesteal servers available for Minecraft, which everyone can join

3) Mox MC

IP Address:

Mox MC is the first server on the list. This Minecraft server network offers a variety of game modes including Lifesteal. This server is a popular place to play Lifesteal, and it was even rated as the best on a dedicated Lifesteal listing website.

If players get tired of Lifesteal, don't worry, because Mox MC offers a variety of fun game modes and activities.

Server IP Address:

2) Lifesteal SMP

IP Address:

Next is the dedicated Lifesteal SMP server, appropriately named “LifestealSMP”. The server's setup is simple and uses Minecraft SMP semivanilla mode. There are a few additional features thrown in.

LifestealSMP is different from other Lifesteal servers. Players can only have 20 hearts and no more than 5. This allows for more equality and is more welcoming to newcomers.

Server IP Address:

1) Lifesteal MC

IP address:

Lifesteal MC is the last server dedicated entirely to Lifesteal mode. LifestealMC boasts a custom-coded server core that allows for constant updates and offers the best Lifesteal mode experience.

This server can be connected to by all Minecraft versions, including Java Edition, Bedrock Edition and pocket edition players. is the server IP address