Minecraft 1.17 Update

Sun Dec 18. 2022

Minecraft 1.17 Update

Are you looking forward to Minecraft update 1.17 being released? Minecraft players have been waiting for an update to the boring underground areas. You may be familiar with them as caves. While they haven't changed much since vanilla Minecraft launched a decade ago and new biomes are being added to the game every day, they don't really look that different. It was therefore very exciting to receive confirmation of the Minecraft Caves & Cliffs upgrade.

The cliffs get new snow effects, powder blocks, and goats. But the real magic is beneath the surface. To find these new areas, you will need to tunnel downwards. During this year's Minecraft Live presentation, three new underground biomes were presented. These new biomes are filled with new plants to harvest and new materials to collect, as well as new Minecraft mobs to encounter.

Minecraft Caves & Cliffs adds a scary-sounding monster to the mix, but it also offers players two potential best friend mobs that could help them defeat pesky enemies. This is what you can expect when Minecraft 1.17 goes live.


What does it mean when we say "release date split"? It turned out that some things were more difficult to implement than others. Therefore, rather than delay the whole update, Caves and Cliffs will be released in two separate updates 1.17 and 1.18. Here's what you can expect from each update.

1.17 Update: Formerly known as the Summer update'. This update includes new mobs such as the goats or axolotls and building blocks such dripleaf or deepslate. This update also includes new copper items

1.18 update Previously known as the Holiday update, this update will include any aspect of world generation, including new caves/mountains and the placing of new biomes. Mojang also wants this update to work with all Minecraft worlds. Part two will launch with new 91 blocks.

Archaeology is another feature that is being delayed further down the road. Mojang, the vanilla game director Agnes Larson explained that it needs more time to develop because it is a new system and "Minecrafty".


Goats can ram into blocks and drop a Goat Horn. You can grab one and use it to produce the same trumpeting sound you hear at raid start. We'll let you be the first to know if this has any further consequences.


These vicious predators are your best friend for underwater adventures in Minecraft. To explore underwater caves, grab as many Axolotls as possible and place them in buckets. They will attack enemies at sight, play dead to recuperate health, and overwhelm more powerful foes by sheer numbers.


Copper ore - underground near mine shaftsDripstone, Pointed Dripstone blocks- found in caves
Amethyst geodes are found in caves
Glow lichen - Found in caves
Powdered snow is found on mountain tops
Deepslate - Found in the underground area, close to bedrock
Moss - Found in shipwreck boxes (can be used bone meal to quickly grow them).
Glow Berries - Found in mineshaft chests
Azalea – Use bone meal on moss to have a chance of finding it
Dripleaf plant – Use bone meal on moss to have a chance of finding it

You can also trade emeralds to find these items with wandering traders. The Minecraft 1.17 update will also include new textures for ores. They were redesigned to address accessibility issues for colourblind users.

Let's get into more detail about some of these blocks.


You can break the crystal plants but not the specific blocks they grow on. The key to solving the puzzle is to create a network that harvests the crystals efficiently at the source. Crystals can be used to make items, such as the Telescope, which allows you to zoom in from faraway on details.


You can also use copper to make lightning rods. These are used to direct lightning to poles, rather than to flammable materials. To melt the copper ingots, you will probably need a blast furnace.


Multiple stalagmites or stalactites can be combined to create as long as you want. Stalactites can not only drip water but also lava. This can be stored in a cauldron down, in case you need it later. It is also worth noting that if you throw a trident at pointed dripstones, they will burst.

Minecraft 1.17 beta release date

There are significant differences between the two versions. It seems that Java edition is slightly ahead. Caves & Cliffs snapshot 21w14a has been updated. It makes significant changes to iron, gold, and copper. These blocks can now be mined to produce raw minerals, which is comparable to coal and diamonds. If you are a purist and like the look of the ore block, you can still collect them by using the Silk Touch Minecraft Enchantments.

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Snapshot 21w06a introduces the new cave system. You can now explore the cheese and spaghetti caves and dive for Minecraft diamonds in an aquifer. In previous snapshots, you can see Minecraft copper, bundles and powder snow, lush cave blocks and glow squids.

This is all we know about the upcoming Minecraft Caves & Cliffs updates. There are many new areas to explore, and one terrifying monster to face. It is best to arrive prepared, even though Netherite armour and weapons don't much protect wardens.