Minecraft Redstone for Dummies

Tue Dec 13. 2022

Minecraft Redstone for Dummies

Our professional opinion is that Minecraft Redstone can be very complex. Although the basic idea behind it is easy to grasp, the sheer number of things you can do with it and the multitude of mechanisms involved make it difficult for newcomers to grasp. This is not true for the Redstone masters.

CraftyMasterman is the person you may remember as the one who created a working Minesweeper in Minecraft. He met up with two other creators to review some Redstone videos. Although they are judging the creations, it serves as a history lesson about this magical material. They quickly discuss all the new gadgets they have since 2011.

It turns out that things have become much simpler. They talk about an old technique called Bussing, which required the creation of hundreds of blocks to make simple tasks like opening and closing doors. One video is also shown at the end. It is jaw-dropping and eye-popping as well as body-locking. Perhaps not the last one.

ROUK0214 created the final video using a combination of blocks, water and other devices to create a spectacular fireworks display. The display counts itself in and then explodes into a rainbow of colours frame by frame. This display is complex enough to be impressive, and it's so complicated that even the pros have trouble understanding how they did it all.