The Best Minecraft Mods

Sun Nov 13. 2022

The Best Minecraft Mods

What are the best Minecraft mods for you? This question has been asked for generations. It started when a young Plato tried to modify his game at Socrates's knee. Or something. There are many Minecraft mods to choose from, as new Minecraft mods have been steadily coming out since the game's initial public release almost a decade back.

Minecraft is a blocky phenomenon. It's the only game that allows players to build a castle as tall as Jack's beanstalk, and then fall through an ever-changing abyss. However, there are some Minecraft mods that can help improve the game. Mojang's classic can be improved on PC with interface changes and tools that will help you explore more.

This list contains some of the most popular Minecraft mods available right now. They are divided into sections depending on the purpose of the mod. You can find everything from simple tweaks to complex Minecraft mods that will keep you busy for months.

Pam's HarvestCraft

You'll need to ensure that your food is fresh and healthy if you have a lot of food. Cooking for Blockheads mod adds five blocks to create a multiblock kitchen structure. There are a sink, oven, sink, tool rack and fridge. It's like Minecraft, but with cooking. This mod was created with Pam's Harvestcraft as a focus. The mod opens up a world of possibilities for cooking.


It's a captivating and well-constructed series of missions that rewards you for your gameplay skills, such as building a moonbase, pimping your spaceship, or fighting evolved mobs in Mars.


BetterPortals mod creates portals so that you can see the world you are about to enter. However, there is no loading screen to interrupt the immersion. There are some incompatibilities, as with all mods, so make sure to check before downloading.


This mod is perfect for any Minecraft sniper. It includes basic additions such as a crossbow, snow cannons, and Minecraft fireworks launchers.

Rope Bridge Mod

This Rope Bridge mod makes mountaineering much easier. It allows you to attach a handheld grappling gun to automatically build a bridge, from where you are standing to where it is aimed. It is also useful for building treetop fortresses.


Although you will have to build it yourself you can save hours of labor. You can upgrade the drill head with different materials that offer their own benefits. This gives you plenty of opportunity to really get into this miner's delight.

Bigger Reactors

This mod can also be linked up with ComputerCraft so you can monitor, program, and regulate your power station remotely - should you ever get too involved and cause a meltdown.

Draconic Evolution

Other features include a weather manipulator, a large chest with built-in crafting tools, teleporters and mob spawners. It's the perfect mod for anyone who has mastered vanilla Survival mode.


It can be easily integrated into many other mods. You can find out more magic in our guide to Minecraft Hogwarts.

Simply Jetpacks 2

Redstone Flux lets you fly high into the sky, allowing you to avoid hazards and move quickly around the map. You can also use higher-level jetpacks to act as armour or even negate fall injury, so it's worth spending a little time on this handy add-on.

Blood Magic

Once you have enough life essence, you can use it at the Blood Altar to create new items such as a Dagger of Sacrifice.


This mod allows you to go full-scale with your production lines, from automated quarries and autocrafting tables that will produce any item with the right ingredients.


We don't know of any other Minecraft mods that are as good as these. These tweaks and improvements will transform your blocky bundle and keep you playing for longer. Much like the Minecraft maps that will take you anywhere, and the Minecraft servers that keep things fresh. You can find information about the latest features in both the Minecraft 1.18 update, and the recently released Minecraft 1.19 Wild upgrade.

We're ready to go back to Minecraft for the moment. Our guide to installing and using Minecraft Forge is a great way to organize your modding. You can also check out our list with the top crafting games for PC.