Wow private servers

Recently I’ve been spending my free time in Azeroth again. However since i only wanted a taste of WoW and not the grindy experience i went to, to find a server with a boosted experience rate, to I’d only get the best parts of the WoW experience. However I will be honest, I got bored of the vanilla WoW in about a week and then i started craving BC, which in my opinion is the pinnacle of WoW and it started going downhill from Wotlk. The serverlist didnt let me down however and i found myself back in azeroth, but this time i had access to outlands. The nostalgia kicked in immediately and i was hooked. I even connected with a few of my buddies from the original BC and we are currently in the middle of preparing to hit sunwell. So im gonna run, get my drums ready, and hope you can find a nice server for yourself.