Ryguyrocky, an American YouTuber specializing in gaming, is well-known. Ryguyrocky has many YouTube channels and personal accounts across various platforms, including Instagram and Twitch. Ryguyrocky’s biography, age, height, net worth, girlfriend, and ethnicity can be found here.

Ryguyrocky Biography

Ryguyrocky was born November 25, 1995 and is currently 25 years old. Ryan Damon is his real identity. He is also from Boston, Massachusetts and is a Sagittarius. Ryguyrocky was raised with two brothers. Other than this, there is not much information about Ryguyrocky’s parents or brothers.

Height and weight

Ryguyrocky is approximately 1.85 meters (6 ft) tall and weighs in at 75 kilograms. Ryguyrocky has brown hair and hazel eye.


Ryguyrocky is a well-known Youtube content creator. He is a well-known YouTuber and Minecraft player. He rose to prominence through the distribution roleplaying films like Minecraft Jurassic World, Minecraft Star Wars and Minecraft Yandere.

Ryguyrocky’s YouTube channel has a reputation for showing mods, mini-games and horror games. Ryguyrocky also has a Twitch channel that has over 6,000 subscribers. Ryguyrocky launched his primary YouTube channel in 2009 but he didn’t start uploading Minecraft videos until 2012. He started with the Minecraft: How to Make a Drawbridge guide.

Ryguyrocky’s YouTube channel was a huge success and he has since created a second channel, “RyguyGames.” This allows Ryguyrocky to upload gameplay footage and complain about non-Minecraft gaming. FavreMySabre, another Minecraft player is also close to Ryguyrocky. Ryguyrocky is also very talented and diligent. His gaming strategies, as well his game commentary, and explanations are truly admirable.

Ryguyrocky’s Minecraft films are remarkable for their incredible level of detail. His videos show all the game’s subtleties. This makes it much easier to learn from the videos and become a better player.

Warfare – A Minecraft Parody Of Bastille’s Pompeii (Music Video), and Minecraft Jurassic World Jurassic Park Run #9 – Jurassic Craft Roleplay is one of the most popular Minecraft-related videos on the channel. These videos have over a million views and hundreds upon thousands of likes.

Ryguyrocky’s second channel was RyguyGames. It was launched in January 2014. This channel is dedicated for letting’s play, role-playing, and gameplay videos for other video games than Minecraft.

Ryguyrocky’s first YouTube channel was called “haloman11251995”. Ryguyrocky launched another channel and has posted Minecraft-related content there ever since.

Ryguyrocky Net Worth in 2022

This account had 278 posts and more than 93k followers when it wrote this biography. Ryguyrocky also has a Facebook Page as of December 30, 2015. Ryguyrocky currently has 10,000 fans on Facebook. Ryguyrocky, as of 2022, is estimated to have a net value of approximately $1.3 million

Ryguyrocky Girlfriend and Dating

Ryguyrocky is currently dating Ashtyn Faith. Ryguyrocky is now dating Ashtyn Faith. The couple have also collaborated.

Ashtyn Faith, a YouTuber from the United States, owns the “Tina The Tiger” channel. Ashtyn’s Minecraft Daycare series boasts over 410,000 subscribers.

Interesting Lifesteal Minecraft servers

Lifesteal Minecraft servers are becoming more popular in recent years. The viral videos that showcase the game mode on platforms like YouTube and TikTok are the main reason for this popularity.

Lifesteal servers allow players to permanently claim their health by killing other players. Killing another player will result in the killer receiving one heart per victim. The victim now has nine hearts permanently, while the killer now has 11.

If you are looking for the best public Lifesteal server, this list highlights three.

Note: This article is subjective. It is based solely on the opinions of the author. These servers were compiled from server lists and other public areas on the internet.

There are three best Lifesteal servers available for Minecraft, which everyone can join

3) Mox MC

IP Address: moxmc.com

Mox MC is the first server on the list. This Minecraft server network offers a variety of game modes including Lifesteal. This server is a popular place to play Lifesteal, and it was even rated as the best on a dedicated Lifesteal listing website.

If players get tired of Lifesteal, don’t worry, because Mox MC offers a variety of fun game modes and activities.

Server IP Address: moxmc.com

2) Lifesteal SMP

IP Address: mc.lifestealsmp.com

Next is the dedicated Lifesteal SMP server, appropriately named “LifestealSMP”. The server’s setup is simple and uses Minecraft SMP semivanilla mode. There are a few additional features thrown in.

LifestealSMP is different from other Lifesteal servers. Players can only have 20 hearts and no more than 5. This allows for more equality and is more welcoming to newcomers.

Server IP Address: http://mc.lifestealsmp.com

1) Lifesteal MC

IP address: lifestealmc.net

Lifesteal MC is the last server dedicated entirely to Lifesteal mode. LifestealMC boasts a custom-coded server core that allows for constant updates and offers the best Lifesteal mode experience.

This server can be connected to by all Minecraft versions, including Java Edition, Bedrock Edition and pocket edition players.

Lifestealmc.net is the server IP address

How to avoid dying early in Minecraft

At first glance, Minecraft may seem like a peaceful and relaxing adventure game. Players are quickly faced with numerous threats when they spawn in the vast Minecraft seeds. If not addressed quickly, these threats could lead to death or loss of all your items.

It is difficult to avoid death in Minecraft, especially when it comes to more difficult difficulties. The first few days of Minecraft can prove to be very daunting for new players. There are many mobs and external factors that try to kill them. However, it is possible to avoid losing all your progress and dying early in the game.

How to Avoid Early Deaths in Minecraft


Creepers are one the most dangerous mobs within Minecraft. Creepers can be stopped from spawning by players lighting the area around their bases with torches.

A shield will protect you from a Creeper blast. It will absorb half the damage and deal only half the amount. A sword can be used to attack the Creeper and prevent it from exploding.

4) Digging down

Many video games use certain techniques that are considered foolish or almost illegal by the community. Minecraft’s version is to dig straight down, which means that the player doesn’t know what blocks are below them. However, there are some ways to protect the player during this adventure.

Digging down and mining alternate blocks will enable the player to see below and determine their next steps. If players end up digging into a cave, they can use blocks or a bucket to break falls.

3) Iron Golem

One of the most powerful mobs in Minecraft is the Iron Golem. Although it is generally friendly, the Iron Golem can be a dangerous enemy if it is hit or damaged by players.

It is best to run to a nearby home and seek shelter. Because they are larger than the 1×1 area in which the doorway is located, golems can’t hit players behind doors.

You can also survive an encounter with iron golems by building at least three blocks high and digging three blocks below the surface.

2) Endermen

Endermen are three-block tall, neutral mobs that stand three blocks tall and closely resemble the Slender Man from popular folklore. There are several ways to survive an Enderman encounter in the early stages of the game.

Water can cause injury to endermen. The player will temporarily be safe if they place water or stand in it during encounters. A carved pumpkin can be worn by the player to make Endermen less hostile towards the player. However, it will severely limit the player’s view.

Additionally, players will be protected from Endermen by standing three blocks tall.

1) Fall damage

The most frustrating thing for Minecraft players is falling damage and being chased by hostile mobs. These items will help you avoid this fate.

Hay bales can be used to reduce the fall damage in Minecraft. These hay bales can be made easily or obtained from villagers. A hay bale will make most of the fall damage invalid. Similar methods can be used for a water bucket, beds and slime blocks as well as cobwebs, powdered snow, and slime blocks.

They can do two things with the ebug stick: Left-clicking to change the state of a block, if it has multiple state, and right-clicking to cycle through block state values.

Players can, for example, use a debugstick to turn a fence post eastward, even though it is in the open. Then, right-click the stick to change its face.

This can be helpful in particular when using things such as dispensers, observers, or other difficult-to-position blocks. Minecraft players don’t have to click or crouch on the block’s surface multiple times to make sure it is correctly placed. Instead, they can place it and reposition it with their handy debug sticks.

The Best Minecraft servers

Which Minecraft servers are the best? They make the world turn. They make the Minecraft worlds go round. It’s obvious that the PC community is home to one of the most talented players on the planet. This is evident in the best Minecraft servers. Minecraft is a building musician’s dream. It has provided a great creative outlet for gamers, allowing them to build whatever they want, without having to learn a single line code.

They are immortalized in hundreds upon thousands of servers. Each server is its own self-sustaining multiplayer world, complete with its own rules, gameplay style, as well as neighborhoods. We searched the internet to find the most beautiful, with everything from stunning buildings to breathtaking vistas to new worlds and game settings.

Many Minecraft servers have a history of ideas and works created by players. Each server is its own independent multiplayer world with its own rules, gameplay style, and areas. We searched for the very best servers, with stunning building and also globes as well as new modes and policies.

Here are the best Minecraft servers.


IP: eu.mineplex.com or us.mineplex.com.Server: Minecraft survival server.

Mineplex is the most powerful Minecraft server. Mineplex has multiple zones and fields that can be used for many game types. It is home to thousands of players.

Mineplex looks like a MMO that was built in a studio. Its excellent detail makes it one of the best Minecraft servers. Both the ever-present team of players and personnel make it a great place to play with and provide excellent sporting activities. Mineplex can be your only destination, but you can still enjoy two-thirds of the activities on this list.

Mineplex is also a great place to play Minekart. This is the heavyset version of Mario Kart. Minekart offers a refreshing alternative to other, pickaxe-heavy video games. It features recreated tracks and power-ups as well as karting without real karts.



IP: brawl.com.Server : Minecraft battle royale server.

Brawl is the perfect Minecraft server for those who miss the action-packed thrills of Call of Duty. You can think of your favorite FPS modes and there’s a chance it will be featured. From Capture the Flag to Last Male Standing Brawl offers hours of fun-packed entertainment. Fortnite and also PUBG battle royale games can partly trace their history back to Minecraft servers. This allows you to feel like you’re returning to the beginning.

Grand Theft Minecart – Minecraft servers


IP: mc-gtm. net.Server: Minecraft survival server.

Grand Theft Minecart combines two of the most popular video games on PC: Grand Theft Auto and Minecraft. You are too young to go to a VIDEO GAME branch to have fun with Trevor and his chums. You can enjoy an incredible entertainment of the GTA with houses, tools, and pesky policeman. This makes it one of the best Minecraft servers.

Minescape is one of the most powerful Minecraft servers.


IP: minescape.me.Server: Minecraft RPG server.

RuneScape fans can now level up to 99 in Minecraft with this Minecraft RPG server. It was carefully constructed to look and feel like one of the best free MMOs. Two years of hard work have resulted in a meticulous recreation of all areas, mobs, as well as skills in RuneScape. This server has taken inspiration from both OSRS3 and RS3, so both players need to feel at home.

Below is the original Minescape.net. It is currently being upgraded. However, both servers are very different so we recommend that you read both.

Minecraft servers – Minewind.


IP: server.minewind.com.Server: Minecraft survival server.

You should not expect a particularly enjoyable experience on the Minewind server. You will find the best place for griefers, player killing, and deception. The goal is to get through as many times as possible. This is Minecraft, but you will also be facing many Minecraft mobs, double-crossers and killers.

Minecraft servers – PixelmonCraft.


IP: server.pixelmoncraft.com or safari.pixelmoncraft.com.Server: Minecraft RPG server.

This Minecraft server is one of the best. It takes the popular Pixelmon mod, which is Pokemon-themed, and makes it multiplayer. PixelmonCraft, which is split over two servers, is based off the Kanto and Johto areas of the Nintendo games. PixelmonCraft’s wizards have not only recreated the towns and locations of these games, but they also replicate as much of the gameplay possible. The pets in Minecraft can be changed with Pokemon, and they can also be used in battle. As you might expect, there are Pokemarts to shop in, health club leaders to fight and long turf to avoid.

This server shows that Minecraft’s blocksy beauty is the perfect home for Pokemon video games. It also looks like the Pokemon game for PC that you have always wanted.

YouTube Thumbnail


IP: http://mc.performium.net/.Server: Minecraft Among Us server.

Minecraft and also Among Us have become two of the most loved games in the world. Given that Minecraft offers so many creative possibilities and Among Us has such a simple formula, it was only logical that the social deduction game would make its way to Minecraft. There are Among Us Minecraft maps that you can share with your friends. However, if the game is more for fun, RGA Minecraft’s Among Us Server allows you to play with others.

You can recreate the game “Among Us” with a compass and an employer wellness bar. This will show you your job progression and help you to find your best tasks.

Minecraft servers – Zero.minr.


IP: zero.minr.org.Server: Minecraft parkour server.

Zero.Minr, a parkour server, showcases Minecraft’s versatility. It is filled with an amazing range of difficult maps. Crafting and eliminating are thrown out in favor of running and climbing up an ever more complicated web of towers, courses, and routes. Overly dramatic trailer shows some of the most difficult routes. These dives will send many gamers to their death.

Although it can be frustrating at first, Minecraft parkour can be mastered with some practice. Zero.Minr is one of the best free-run servers.

PirateCraft – Minecraft servers


IP: mc.piratemc.com.Server: Minecraft RPG server.

PirateCraft is a server that encourages theft and scurvy. PirateCraft is one of our favorite servers. It even features a ship-to-ship battle system. It’s not as simple as other Minecraft concepts, but it works. You can build ships and sail across the oceans. Cannons can also be attached to the hull and used to fire at enemy vessels.

Looking for inspiration? Here are some of our favorite Minecraft homes.

A simple but functional economy can be found on land. Gamers can also build their own Minecraft structures in safe areas to store and bunk treasures. You can build as many things as you like without worrying about others destroying your creations.

Piratecraft’s salted setting is what makes it one of the best Minecraft roleplay servers. You can roleplay a pirate, but there will be despair. Also, provided the owner is in a Safe Zone other players may be able to seize them. Attackers can also destroy “soft” blocks and make a nuisance of theirself until the defender surrenders or they leave. Ships can also be taken if the owner is not present at the time. This could be your hidden prize if you are looking for a PvP Minecraft server that has a spin.

Hypixel – Minecraft servers


IP: mc.hypixel.net.Server: Minecraft skyblock server.

The Hypixel Minecraft server has a ton of great minigames like Polices and also Crims and Duels and a Murder Mystery. SkyWars is a dangerous PvP game mode that uses the classic Minecraft skyblock server. The Hypixel Minecraft server is a great place to share a laugh with heavyset friends.

Associated: Minecraft shaders can make your game look even more professional.

Desteria Minecraft Servers


IP: pvp.desteria.com.Server: Minecraft intrigue server.

There are many Minecraft faction servers, but Desteria’s degrees as well as its course system make it one the best Minecraft servers. Desteria borrows from Runescape’s level 3-99 system. Its depth makes it ideal for RPG fans. A variety of factions and 4 courses make Desteria a thrilling and varied PvP game. Desteria, like any other great RPG, is home to many amazing settings. So make sure to load those shaders before you get in.

Minecraft servers – Minecraft Middle Earth


IP: build.mcmiddleearth.com.Server: Minecraft RPG server.

Tolkien’s Middle-earth is the best example of a traditional world that will unavoidably be immortalized in distinct blocks. This incomplete job is largely based on Peter Jackson’s motion-picture vision of Middle-earth. As long as you adhere to the rules, you can help push the construction of the globe of men and elves as well as creatures of shorter stature forward.

Minecraft servers ranch n crafts


IP: mc.ranchncraft.com.Server: Minecraft RPG server.

Ranch n Craft offers line dancing, horse taming and farming. It is one of the best Minecraft server if you are looking to get away from the wild west-themed shootouts and saloon brawls, and instead focus on the simple things of rural life. It is perfect for those Minecrafters who are most comfortable in the saddle thanks to its many equestrian-based features.

You can claim land to start your own ranches, raise horses and grow crops. Ranch n Craft has a large community that is mostly non-ghosting and a team of moderators who are helpful.

Minecraft servers – WesterosCraft.


IP: mc.westeroscraft.com.Server: Minecraft RPG server.

WesterosCraft, if Middle-earth was our original fantasy Minecraft server, then WesterosCraft would be our modern great. The vast WesterosCraft server features many iconic Game of Thrones landmarks, including the Wall and The Red Keep at King’s Landing. Many areas were built using TV show designs. This server is like taking a tour of HBO’s fantasy world. Kings Landing is particularly impressive.

It is still a work-in-progress like Minecraft Middle-earth. Work currently underway to the Lannister bastion at Casterly Rock. If you are able to identify your Winterfell from the Dreadfort, then you can help support the next house of death or tyranny.

Minecraft servers – The Mining Dead.


IP: mc.havocmc.net.Server: Minecraft survival server.

This server-wide recreation is a mix of PvP, PvE and PvE. You can fight, craft, or survive on the huge map while fighting walkers and other players. The action is reminiscent of DayZ in Minecraft, where players do whatever it takes to survive. It’s a Minecraft survival server at a new scale. The Mining Dead features key locations from TV shows like The Prison, Woodbury, or Alexandria.

HiveMC Minecraft servers


IP: play.hivemc.com.Server: Minecraft minigames server.

HiveMC is one of the most popular and well-respected Minecraft servers. There will always be something to do in HiveMC. HiveMC offers a wide range of games including survival and hide and seek. This highly engaged community is constantly creating new minigames and maps to store them. Keep checking their website for the most recent updates.

The Archon is a towering collection of red buildings set against a blue sky. It is one of the most popular minecraft servers.


IP: play.thearchon.net.Server: Minecraft skyblock and faction servers.

The Archon is home to a large number of Minecraft players who enjoy regularly updated gamemodes. It’s also one of the most popular Minecraft factions and Minecraft skyblock servers.

Manacube’s best Minecraft server, Manacube, has a harbour that is surrounded by green trees.


IP: play.manacube.net.Server: Minecraft skyblock, faction, parkour, creative, and survival servers.

Manacube’s recently balanced shop makes it one of the few large Minecraft factions servers that has minimal ‘pay-to-win’ elements. You can also find survival, parkour and creative servers on this server.

You might be looking for something different. The Islands gamemode challenges you to survive on a submerged island while avoiding the deadly water. Olympus is a server that’s prison-based. You’ll be assigned your own plots of land and rank up as you earn money to gain access to more lucrative areas.


IP: play.fallenkingdom.co.Server: Fallen Kingdom.Requires Minecraft Java 1.16, does not work on Bedrock.

This Minecraft server allows long-term fans of CaptainSparklez to build defenses for their castles or train troops to attack enemy defences. You can use custom resources to recruit troops and fight enemy forces. Your troops can take part in several raids. CaptainSparklez offers a series of videos explaining each feature in detail.

Did this list of the top Minecraft servers get you as excited? You can create amazing new worlds and enjoy a variety of activities. But make sure to look your best on every server you visit with the best Minecraft skins. You’ll never go back to Minecraft the same way you did before you applied these amazing mods. If you don’t mind, there are minigames and new blocky worlds for you to explore.

Wow private servers

Recently I’ve been spending my free time in Azeroth again. However since i only wanted a taste of WoW and not the grindy experience i went to https://serverlist101.com/, to find a server with a boosted experience rate, to I’d only get the best parts of the WoW experience. However I will be honest, I got bored of the vanilla WoW in about a week and then i started craving BC, which in my opinion is the pinnacle of WoW and it started going downhill from Wotlk. The serverlist didnt let me down however and i found myself back in azeroth, but this time i had access to outlands. The nostalgia kicked in immediately and i was hooked. I even connected with a few of my buddies from the original BC and we are currently in the middle of preparing to hit sunwell. So im gonna run, get my drums ready, and hope you can find a nice server for yourself.

How private game servers are created?

Seeing how complicated some MMO servers can be, I doubt it would be easy to set up a private servers of such a system. Most of private servers are probably not packaged and properly documented for the common geek’s understanding as you can image.

A way to build a private game server is reverse-engineering. I know at least 3 examples of private servers being created this way for example Ultima Online, Final Fantasy XI and Maple Story servers.

It all started with people having a deep knowledge of the game server mechanics. Damage dealing equations, experience obtained, the impact of each stat on each action, monsters behaviours … it can all be figured by the game server community.

Another important aspect private game servers is the communication protocol. Average private game server has to understand what the game client sends, and has to send him expected and meaningful answers. It might be secured in various ways, too to make everything work in harmony.

If you can have a clear communication with the game client and know how the game server behaves, you can build a working prototype for private game server. If the official game team managed to have a working server, there’s no reason you couldn’t do it. Keep in mind t’s not an easy task though as you can imagine, but it can be done and it has been done again and again, hence all the private game servers.