Brilliant Minecraft House Ideas

Sat Jan 28. 2023

Brilliant Minecraft House Ideas

There are very few things Minecraft can't offer its players. There are many options. You can choose to stick with the survival experience or go creative. The possibilities are endless as more blocks and different types are added.

Building in the game is not always easy. It requires creativity and using blocks in creative ways to create structures. Although everyone is unique, it's great to see the work of other builders. These are some great Minecraft house designs to inspire you in your next survival or creative game.

Hobbit Hole Storage Or Home

It is simple enough to be used in a survival world, but it retains enough detail to make it visually stunning, especially when viewed from the outside. It can be cut into any hillside giving players a variety of biomes to use. This build is ideal for those who want to add their own touches, but still have a solid base of reference.

Small Mountain Home

This design by Youtuber ItsMarloe is perfect for those who are just starting out in the Mountain biome. This is the ideal base for those who want to plant roots high above the clouds. Its small size means that players don't have to spend hours grinding the materials in Survival Mode. However, ItsMarloe still manages nine barrels of storage space by using them as flooring. It is a brilliant design that provides everything a player requires to survive, while also looking like a mountain retreat.

Amazing Tree House

It is huge in scale, but small enough to be believable in a Minecraft world. It is possible to create something like this in Survival Mode. However, it would take a lot more time and resources. Typface has a step-by–step build guide in the Youtube Video above that will leave players with a Tree House that is much more impressive than just building platforms in the treetops.

Hanging House

The creator provided a step-by-step guide to help players who want to build something similar.

Japanese Style House

BlueBits created this Youtube video that demonstrates how Minecraft players can build a Japanese-style house. This video is a great place to get ideas about these types of designs.

Moon-Shaped Mountain House

The home has a stunning view and is a great idea for Minecraft. The original photo does justice to the build. Check out Artic_Uno, the Reddit builder.

Underground Circle House

This video shows you how to build your underground oasis.

Modern Mansion Base

Bladjomir, a Reddit user, built this modern mansion that is large enough to accommodate everything one might need in a survival Minecraft base. It is always better to have a little more space than not enough.

Rustic Savanna Homes

Although the savanna biome may not be the first choice for many people, it has a lot potential. RavenTheDawg's house has a savanna background but it still fits perfectly in the arid environment. It is also a medieval and traditional Minecraft house. It also makes use of some of the new blocks from 1.17 to its advantage.

Minecraft Amethyst Geode House

Reddit user Widici created this amazing Minecraft house idea. This base uses the best purple blocks from the game to create an amazing and unique Minecraft house. The geode's side that is usually broken open has been transformed into a large window that opens out to the ocean. It can also be used as an underwater home.

Multiplayer-Friendly Minecraft Base

AmazingCandle, a Reddit user, shared their Minecraft SMP Server build. It is a large Minecraft base suspended in the air with multiple circular rooms. It is huge, and everyone who lives there has ample space for everything.

Diagonal Minecraft Home

Swordself_MC chose to build a diagonal house instead. The actual house has a diagonally-built side right next to its front entrance. This Minecraft house design adds an amazing depth to the build, especially when combined with the classic cottage style.

Wooden Mansion

This wooden mansion has four levels and was built by Zach4455 using only the basic blocks in the game. The beautiful and detailed build is made possible by the use of lanterns, fences, gates, or windows. A tutorial is included with the build.

The Palo Alto Lantern House

Doodlemerson was inspired in part by the Palo Alto Lantern House, which is located in California. It is a beautiful, luxurious, modern build that looks as luxurious as the real thing.

Island Temple

The temple was built by besafewearshoes. They paid great attention to the details and included tons of lanterns and flowers to give it an ethereal feel. They also made their own tree trunks and added the leaves to it, instead of growing them.

Cat House

Xxcutebuildxx lives up their name with this adorable cat-shaped build. It works inside as well, with the cat face being the only exterior facade. This house will look even more beautiful when combined with a cute texture pack.

Desert House

Houses like this one by Antonio_M8 stand out in the biome because they use the various types of sandstone. With its second-floor balcony and large windows that let in light, it looks almost like a holiday home. It's a nice touch that you can add plants to spice up a otherwise dry home.

Oceanside Castle

A nice mansion and an actual estate, like DTH217 did here might be enough to inspire a survival game that's getting stale. The project is challenging and requires a lot planning and gathering the right resources.

Mountain Hut

This is what player and builder Goldrobin has proven time and again with his amazing creations. This tiny wooden hut, which hugs the side a mountain, is perfect for Minecraft survival home design. Mountains are easy to find, so pick your favorite and start building.

Ice Spike Mini Home

However, ice melts when it is near torches. End Rods are a better choice and will suit the overall style of the building. Although no one will ever suspect that an ice spike is someone else's house, they won't be too impressed to damage the house or steal its contents. Mobs will have a difficult time getting in here, not to mention.